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Providing innovation, investment and experience to the new energy business

Steelhouse Energy Ventures Limited (SEV) has been established to bring innovation, investment and unique expertise to new business initiatives in the European and International energy sector.

SEV has been founded by three energy professionals who have worked together for over twenty years, and who have developed a successful track record across the upstream, midstream and downstream businesses in the energy sector.

These three founders fully understand that, to be successful, energy ventures in the evolving international energy sector need access, not only to substantial risk capital, but also to experienced management capable of developing and implementing strategic change and able to build sustainable businesses for the long term.

The founders have operated at the cutting edge of change in the energy sector, creating strategic advantage within the changing commercial environment. They have tended to favour midstream energy operations where the pace of evolution is at its greatest and where a combination of new technology, assets and commercial imperatives lead to significant profit opportunities and scope for real innovation.

Using SEV as their corporate vehicle the founders seek to work in strategic joint venture with a forward looking industry partner with ambitions to enter or optimise their position in the international energy sector.